My name is Georg Ringer
and I am a TYPO3 Frontend
and Backend Developer
from Linz/Austria.

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03 Nov

What a wonderful news! I just became dad of a wonderful son called Felix.

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07 Jul

The version 2.2.0 has just been release to the TER

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28 Mar

The version 2.1.0 has just been release to the TER

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23 Jan

After a long time of coding and just pushing to git & gerrit, there is again a release of the extension "news" to the TER. Read all about the new features

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22 Oct

Finally I did it - Welcome to my new website & my new domain!

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One reason why TYPO3 CMS is so successful is because of its enormous amount of extensions.

Most extensions I develop as employee are too specific to be useful for others. Therefore I try to give something back to the TYPO3 community with the extensions I develop in my free time.
Go ahead and take a look!

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Welcome to my site!

The vision of TYPO3 is "inspiring people to share"

Work which is not communicated about is invisible to others and can't be used. Therefore I try to share as much as possible on my website.